HazelHearts | March 15, 2018

I swear one day we’ll be done wandering around the internet wildnerness, my lovely little foxies.

Stream.Live/TheHazelVerse has done us no wrong (so far), but it seems the winds of change have struck again. Most of the active streamers seem to be migrating to another app due to poor viewership and ratings. I have to read the writing on the wall, my lovelies. We’ll still be using Stream.Live for the time being, but we’ll also integrate a new platform in to our streaming schedule as of this afternoon.

I’ve spent a few minutes calibrating myself to livestar, and the welcome was very warm. People from Stream have already found their place at livestar and recognized my name. Honestly, it feels nice not having to start from scratch again. It’s almost like switching schools and finding out that you already know some of the people that go there.

I absolutely hate having to ask you guys to download ANOTHER app, but these are growing pains.

Speaking of growth, I’m SO EXCITED to share something with you that I’ve been working on for MONTHS: The new HazelHearts program.

Think of HazelHearts like a loyalty punch card.

For every offering of $4.20 received via PayPal.me/theHazelVerse you get a HazelHeart. That means if you send $12.60 via paypal you will earn 3 HazelHearts. If you send $33.60 you will earn 8 HazelHearts. 

A new page will be created TOMORROW featuring HazelHeart Holders.

I’m preparing some really personal and awesome rewards for you. The more hearts you give, the more love you’ll receive.

Proceeds from this program with benefit Level One members most, so if you aren’t already registered, make sure to sign up today. Registration is re-open for a limited time.

In the next few weeks, I’d like for us to think about how we can maximize our impact in our local and global communities. Until we can establish our own community project, it’s important that we participate in efforts already in progress.

One of the issues that always hits my heart is homelessness. Often the issue in this situation is a lack of support, empathy, and basic understanding. There are so many people who struggle with mental health, but are being ignored. People have deemed them unloveable, not worth the fight it takes to keep them healthy.

I know that most of my readers aren’t in Los Angeles, but no matter where you live you’ve probably seen the same problem on your streets. How do we fix it?

It sickens my heart, but alone there is not much I can do about it. I am not rich; this needs to be a team effort with a more personal touch. More on how we plan to combat this issue in the future.

It starts by coming together. Together we can, and together we WILL do everything in our power to make this world a better place for ALL of us to live.

A portion of all HazelHearts will go into a fund benefiting this cause. The fund will be used or sent in $250.00 increments. It may start small, but it has to start somewhere.

That’s it for today. Until next time, stay foxie.

❤ H