Organizing Our Way to BlazelFest

Hello my lovely little foxies!

Welcome to our new blog section. 🙂 Today I’m going to be talking to you about our upcoming event: BlazelFest 2020. As you’ve probably deduced- Blazelfest will be in 2020, April 20 to be exact. I guess you can say the number 20 is significant to us, here in the HazelVerse.

I can not WAIT for this to happen, but we have SO much to do before we’re ready for it. We’ve got venues, vendors, and sponsors; merchandise, schedules, and experiences to create; and so much more we haven’t even realized yet. It’s all so exciting.

The ideas I have for us, you can’t even imagine. To say that it’ll be magical is a vast understatement. Make sure to save up your nickels and dimes foxies, it’ll be here before you know it.


If you saw our most recent YOUTUBE:


Then you know about my new organizational system. It’s working quite well for me, so I thought I’d share it with you.

As promised, here are the images I used:



Well, It’s time for me to get ready for our afternoon sesh! So until next time, my lovelies- stay FOXIE & be kind do yourselves and others.

❤ H