The HazelVerse is a community focused on the development of it’s individuals.

Our perspective is that each community functions as a body. When all of its members are living to their maximum potential, its ability to make impactful change in their environments is limitless.

The HazelVerse membership program – Hazelverse Community Club, offers an exclusive experience centered on the tested principles of the HazelVerse. Through positive reinforcement, and with our growing community, we believe that any person can make the necessary changes that lead to improved happiness, well-being, and health.

In order to provide a more responsive environment, we limit our membership activities to status periods. This means that, while membership is open to the public, activation is limited. Don’t worry- we are processing your request and look forward to meeting you.


AS OF April 17, 2018, registration is CLOSED for the second cycle of LEVEL ONE. We are currently processing Status 1 and 2 members. If you signed up after March 11, 2017, you are officially in Status 3.