Level ONE is CLOSED for registration.


If you signed up after January 2, 2018 – you will be considered a Stat 3 registrants. Level One will be undergoing some major changes as to how it engages with it’s members. Well be focusing our attention on those who want it most. You’ll get what you give, here – as in life, and it’s never too late to join the party.

PLEASE fill out the form completely. If you fail to do so, your request may be denied. Level One is open to all the lovely little foxies in the world – so don’t be shy. I am working around the clock to ensure no one gets missed, and everyone has an opportunity to participate.

YOU WILL NOT receive a confirmation email, so please double check all information before you submit your form. Your information will be processed once you have completed registration


Registration is not always open to the public. Don’t miss your chance to sign up.