Girl From The Video

Hello my lovely little fox!

I hope you’ve had an AMAZING week. I’ve had quite the productive one. I’m happy to report that my organization system is keeping me full steam, and I’m seeing the benefits already! This week, I was determined to up my note taking game. I’ve learned that making a mental note doesn’t count- I have to write that shit down (then file it properly).

I’m keeping the notes section on my laptop OPEN permanently from now on when I broadcast. Remember, faithful watchers, when I had that notebook I tried to keep LIVE notes in? That obviously didn’t stick, but I think the digital pad is where it’s at. So far, so good.

I’ve done a lot of editing for YouTube the last couple weeks and it’s really opened my eyes to how sloppy I’ve been. Only half of my files are where they are supposed to be. It’s so frustrating! I’ve learned it’s definitely worth the few extra minutes to make sure things are filed properly. Looking through millions of folders is not a fun game for me.

I hope the videos are worth it for you little foxies! If you aren’t watching them, you’re literally breaking my heart. I made all of this FOR YOU. So please go click, watch, like, share, subscribe, and name your first born after me. Hazeli for boys (get it?!). In all seriousness, my fingers and eyes have bled for your enjoyment, so watch the mother fucking videos. 🙂 Thanks.

Right now I’m going through all the content we’ve recorded since 2016. I started streaming “full time,” or regularly around February 2017, but there’s some context I want you guys to have so I’m going a little farther. All of these videos will go either in the stream or vlog playlists on YouTube. While the videos are not uploaded chronologically, the playlists are organized for your viewing pleasure. Your welcome.

I will be uploading some other kinds of content in the future. As you’ve seen with the organizational “tutorial,” we have a lot of different videos on offer.

Some of the things you can expect to see: 
a series on my favorite foods
how to find awesome music
true stories (memories)
fictional stories
community updates
music videos
etc etc etc

I’ll also be doing a series on homelessness, where I plan to discuss the issue and progress with local leaders. So, stay tuned little foxies! There are so many things in the works.

I’d also like to publicly acknowledge Shannon, one of our faithful foxies, for the time and energy he’s been putting in recently. There are several people whom The HazelVerse would not be the same without. Shannon has gone above and beyond in his support for The HazelVerse. I’m excited to announce that we are working on music together, and I can NOT WAIT to see what we put out for your foxie ears. He’s already sent me sample tracks and it sounds amazing. Be excited with me.

Well my lovely fox, it’s been another awesome week in The HazelVerse. Thanks for sharing your week with me. As always, be kind to yourselves and others. The greatest gift we can give to ourself is peace of mind.

Stay Foxie,

❤ H