Schedule Schmedule

Hello my lovely little foxies!

I tried. I gave it a valiant effort, and for a time it worked for us. However, the era of scheduled streams is over. At least for now. I definitely feel more free when I’m able to  broadcast spontaneously. I feel as though I’ve lost some of what makes me me by trying to “box in.”

Since I am a big supporter of living your life outside of any mother fucking box, I felt the need to check myself.

When we we’re given our previous channel’s time of death, I had a light schedule already in place. When we were banned, you can definitely say that I overcompensated. In effort not to lose our foxie family, I created an extreme streaming schedule. I didn’t want anyone to get left behind.

I think I’ve provided enough information at this point for anyone who REALLY wants to find us again to be able to find their way back home to The HazelVerse. Short of renting planes to write my message in the sky, I’ve done everything I can.

I don’t want to think or live in the past anymore. I’m over it.

We HAD 127k followers and over 50,000 daily watchers, but THAT GAME IS OVER. It’s time to move on. I can’t move on until I stop reacting to my “circumstance,” and start focusing on the future. As far as you’re concerned, I’ve got my blinders back up and I’m back in the mother fucking race.

I’m TIRED of being predictable so buckle up and make sure to follow all my accounts. I’m going back to my NO FUCKS GIVEN self.

I don’t have time to try to pull you along- you are either with me or you’re not. If you’re with me, get ready. We’re about to sky rocket AGAIN, and it’s gunna be another fun ride.

❤ H

SONG OF THE DAY: The Inside by Sevdaliza