The Amazing Potential in Togetherness

In that last month, The HazelVerse has really taken off. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that people are gravitating toward a community that finds more value in inclusion than marketability; quality, rather than a barrage of fluff. The HazelVerse community is committed to the spirit of positive freedom and strives to lead by example.

I commit myself to finding my own truths, in part, so that you can find (and live) yours.

With our actions, everyday we set precedents for our future (selves and community). The way in which we train ourselves to interact with, not only others, but ourselves greatly impacts the decisions we make- within our mind (consciousness), and our heart (subconscious). As, these thoughts always manifest in our lives- no matter how well you wear the facade you may have so painstakingly constructed. That mask being a prison you’ve built for yourself, and in which you’ll remain until you consciously cut yourself some slack.

Because, as we discussed on this weeks Community Thursday scope, we live in a “Pressure Cooker Society.”  We are constantly being marketed to by companies that prey on our insecurities (many of which we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t seen their ad in the first place). These business are telling us people that “we aren’t good enough,” the way that we are. THE ONLY WAY that would be true, is if you weren’t actively pursuing your truth in the best way that you can manage (we all have different daily obstacles to face) and expressing it- NOT because some faceless entity has found you deficient for XYZ. BECAUSE THAT IS BS. If you are doing your best, you are exactly good enough.

Life is not stagnant. 

You are either progressing or digressing. In life, there is no standing still. The construct we’ve devised in effort to track history- TIME – is always swirling with the earth. What are you doing with your pinch of existence?

If you’re here (and still reading… KUDOS TO YOU, this ish is loooong af), you obviously care… about something. That’s GOOD. That’s where it starts. Being cognizant. And, apparently there are so many of you that are ready for the wave.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY SUBSCRIBERS. I do everything for you and our greater good. May humanity never kill itself.



Xx H.


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