Dun dun duuuuun


Last week Babyface and I were terminal… ok… maybe not terminal, but we were rendered basically useless- both to ourselves and each other. Although, Babyface always finds a way to out shine me in the partner category. He is still superman with the sniffles.

We had to (wo)man up for the weekend, as my friend Brit had invited us to a meeting with John Shin- the author of Think and Grow Rich. She and another friend of mine just got involved with the group Transamerica- a group in which the Shins are partially responsible for.

He lectured us for two hours, then told us he’d be available to sign his book for a few minutes. He made sure to mention that he was in a hurry, because there was another session for which he had been booked and payed over $50,000 to speak at.

Having latched on to a statement he’d made about his love of investing, I patiently waited for him to be finished taking selfies with some over the other guest. While uninterested in what he was selling, I was sure he’d see opportunity in TheHazelVerse. After all, he was sponsoring Tiffany Dela Merced, a candidate who is running for Binibining Pilipinas. If he can sponsor a beauty pageant contestant, surely he can find room to invest in the future of our species. Anyway, I digress.

I talked to him for a few minutes and he told me to get in touch on socials. I have reached out and will let you know if anything comes of that. Our success isn’t dependent on investors, but the would definitely help things to move along.

Babyface and I explored the area before returning home to create the most magnificent garlic, bell pepper, and pepperoni pizza. YUMMMM…. I can still taste the awesomeness.

We spent the rest of that evening chillin at the overlook- one of our very favorite spots.

Sunday was spent at Disneyland. We relaxed and snapped about a thousand and four pictures. We checked in at Periscope.tv/TheHazelVerse and Babyface, along with my super scopers, encouraged me to face one of my fears- The Ferris Wheel.

I get that a lot of YOU aren’t afraid of such a “baby ride,” but this girl really likes being on the ground. Falling is one of my greatest fears and I totally psych myself out when it comes to heights and being suspended in a cage of death.

If you want to see how that worked out- feel free to watch (and share 😛 ) the replays.

I am so excited about what this next week has to offer. I just got home from our intention circle and am super charged and motivated about our goals.

Make sure to send me your address if you still haven’t to receive a personal, hand written note from ME!!! 🙂 I love sending them out. I promise yours are coming A & K!! ❤

LOVE AND LIGHT- Be kind to yourself & others.