the saga of april

A day late. SHOCKER. You guys- I’m doing my best. Which, we’ve learned, is good enough. 🙂

It’s been a busy week.

Since we last checked in, I’ve had in-n-out, pineapple/pepperoni pizza, an amazing strawberry salad, sushi, basil/bell pepper/garlic/pepperoni from Kony’s, gyros from Pozi’s, and an amazing steak. That’s what you guys came here to find out right? I figured I’d get the pertinent stuff out of the way.

Seriously, though, it’s been a FULL week. On Thursday, Taylor (FemYogaTaylor) filled out my verification forms for Periscope, John Shin accepted my facebook friend request, and we went to Tiki No for the Losers Meetup.

If you’ve been keeping up with my replays (hint), you know all about that. Just in case you don’t: Babyface and I are involved with THE LUST EXPERIENCE . Through a series of emails, we were both deemed “unworthy” of The System’s immediate attention. Those with similar status gathered at a bar where strange things happened. (Note to self: add a media page for reference)

The group was congregated on the covered patio. A man on a bike stopped on the other side of the gate and asked if there was one of us called “Buz.” Of course, there was. He handed Buz a piece of paper and peddled away. The letter reveled a simple jibe: FUCKING LOSERS. I guess the winners were a little bitter that they weren’t invited (and were un-welcomed at this particular juncture).

A few minutes pass. We’re still riding the high of surprise. A black SUV stalls just outside the bar- naturally we are all suspicious and certain that at any moment, someone will come out and give us a challenge.

Instead, the car drives off (in a type of u-turn) to wait across the street- a convenient spot to watch. We notice. The bartender comes out to the patio with a phone to his shoulder, “There’s an emergency call for Buz. Is there a Buz?” Buz grabs the phone and retreats to the depths of the mostly empty bar.

He’s there for a while. I go to check on him. He shoos me away. I knew that would happen. I wait for him to make his move as I idle at the bar, making conversation with the bartender about how we may or might not be a part of the illuminati. He seems pretty unconvinced as he eyes my tattoo (get it?).

Buz ends his phone call and tells me, “Come on, we’ve got to go.” I follow him back to the patio. There, without an explanation, he points to    5   4 people, and informs them that they’ve got to leave. Now.

I’m not going to go into to the details of what happened next except to say that we were all a little weary of trusting Buz. We had deduced that the reason they had to leave the Losers Meet Up immediately was because they no longer belonged there- they would be going to the event on Sunday. It was confirmed through facebook. Two of our group followed them, but they just scattered.

The next day, there were conflicting accounts (mostly from people that weren’t there) about what transpired. Whatever. I periscoped in order to set the record straight.

Also, coincidentally, I got tapped that day (Friday, for those unable to keep up). Mike and Russel of My Haunt Life were tasked to choose 4 people to fill the slots for Sunday’s Focus Group. They chose themselves, me, and @lasalle (who was out of town, unfortunately, and would be replaced [by popular vote] by Candace for Sunday).

Friday was a big win for me. I had an amazing conversation with my consultant that day about the direction of The Hazel Verse. We spent the majority of the time talking about my requirements for promotion and support (in terms of sponsors and revenue). One of the most important things to me is the trust that I maintain between myself and my followers. I refuse to endorse anything I don’t believe in. If that affects my trajectory, so be it. I would rather have my integrity than crazy ratings and returns.

I will always do my best to protect my message. This is not just MY legacy- it’s ours. We are creating and contributing to our future every day- together. I don’t take you for granted, and I hope you can see that.

That night, we went to The Garage for some Karaoke and bonding with Tyson- a really chill dude with super deep thoughts.

On Saturday, Babyface and I took it easy and hung out by the pool/hot tub. I was so excited about Sunday’s Focus Group though that I literally couldn’t sleep a wink. I binged all 13 episodes of 13 REASONS WHY – the netflix series EP’d by Selena Gomez. I thought it was incredibly moving and would definitely recommend it.

Babyface let me sleep in until 1:30 (I finally crashed at noon), then we headed out to Kony’s to meet up with our fellow LUSTERS. I periscoped all this so you can see it in all its glory (again, HINT). Most of this has been covered in detail there so I’ll spare you the involved recap.

After our brush with the police, we went to The Brass Monkey Cafe to deliberate. We ended up recruiting several patrons of the bar with our exuberant displays of obsession.

I recovered from Sunday on Monday. This was the night of the gyros. So much yum.

Yesterday, I explored my area in search for a chill path to walk and talk with my favorite super scopers. Alas, all paths were devoid of signal, so we chilled at the lookout. Right after I left that spot, Babyface emailed me about the press release from Sarah. BTW- YOU GUYS…. how do we feel about this press release? Come talk to me about it on the forums.

Before picking Babyface up form work, I met the coolest kid at the park. Calm down- it wasn’t creepy. He was there with his two carers. I was on the swings and he asked to swing by me (there were a ton of other swings to sit on). His name is Walker and he’s really excited about camp. I can tell that his carers were really impressed with how willing he was to talk to me. I feel like the issue isn’t the Walkers in the world… it’s people that think they are too good to chill with Walker. Fuck you. Walker is too cool to hang out with you anyway.

Tonight we are going to The Red Door to hang out with more LUSTERS. I asked my consultant to meet us there for our meeting. I hope something doesn’t come up, cause there are so many cool people I want him to meet. Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes…

‘Til next time,

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