Feb 21, 2018 – Stream.Live

Another day, another platform to try.

I know this is has got to be the most annoying thing for you guys… it is for me too. I was talking to Babyface last night about how this whole thing is ruining our vibe. The HazelVerse is supposed to be a fun place where we can hang out and RELAX. Nothing about the last few weeks has been relaxing. This stress is counterintuitive to our goals. HOWEVER, there are always growing pains.

Our light shines so bright that it attracts all kinds of animals, and bugs. Some are helpful, others are PESTS. That is the nature of being awesome. We shouldn’t apologize just because there are people hating on us for living our best lives. Even though I’m currently enraged by these flies, I ultimately feel sorry for them. Because at the end of the day, we’ll always still have each other.

Even if we have to move mountains to find our place, we’ll always have the knowledge that we have something worth holding on to. Instead of living our lives tearing each other down, we invest our energy in finding a better tomorrow. One that promises us a brand new chance to forge our own paths, with a mission we can be proud of. At the end of it all, we’ll still have the light of love that we carry, while they’ll be left in the shadows alone.

So, in order to find that haven, we must move forward, leaving the rest behind. We’ll only take with us what serves our purpose, thanking our yesterdays for the part they played in making us who we are. Who we are doesn’t change based on where we are, but where we are should change because we’ve been there. I am happy understanding that we are changing the world, one day, one smile, one foxtastic dance party at a time.

Thank you for dancing with me.


Stream.live/TheHazelVerse – TODAY – FEB 21 – 1:30-3:30 PM PST