TWITCH – FEB 20, 2018

Trolls strike again on Twitch.

Our account is under a 24 hour suspension (with the situation undergoing review). If we don’t have it up and running in time, I’ll meet you over on Youtube.

I suspect that we’re going to have this issue with every popular platform that is viewer moderated. This is really disappointing, but nothing more than an annoyance. One that only validates my mission: to provide a safe place for people to BE THEMSELVES without fear of repercussion.

Should there be guidelines and terms of conditions? OF COURSE – but people who are just trying to live a positive, happy life should be left unbothered. The fact that these trolls have so much control, quite frankly, infuriates me.

I am working around the clock (literally) to find a place for us. This situation is temporary. One day, sooner than you think, we’ll have a place to call our own. One made of brick and stone.

‘Til then, we persevere the persecution of an unjust world, holding fast to the knowledge that tomorrow always comes; perfecting our vision and goals in kindness and truth.

Always with love,