what do you serve

I’m going to take a different approach to today’s blog post. I am going to post my personal updates on Thursdays from now on (yay, community Thursdays!). Tuesdays will now be dedicated to thoughts for the week.  

We all serve something. Some people call it “worship,” others call it “ambition,” but in the end – it’s service.

I grew up in a cult. Not everyone would call it that… but I do.

Not all cults are bad. Cults just mean that there are some secrets kept within the fold… almost like trade secrets… Cults started because people were massacring those that had different world views, and people just didn’t feel like getting murdered.

Secrecy, thought, tends to breed conceit and abuse.

I was familiar with words like humanitarian, paganism, agnosticism. The distain usually hurled against any who would sympathize was unending. Intrinsically, I rebuff this kind of system; one that would judge and punish the tiniest of infractions so harshly.

Still, in every circumstance there are lessons to be learned, and, as long as we learn that lesson, that experience has been a gift. I learned many lessons through my upbringing; I wouldn’t have my perspective otherwise or the strength to stand up for what I believe is paramount.

My perspective shapes my vision (as all ours do). Every thing has lead me (US) to this moment.

Consciously, I want you to begin your reflection. What has brought you here, to this moment? What in your life is going according to YOUR vision? What is getting in the way?

What, or who, do you serve? Is that service bringing you farther or closer to your goals? How? What evidence have you for it?

I’ve found the best person to serve is my self. We’ve talked a lot about loving your self. Only when you have learned to appreciate your own worth can you begin to find the value and beauty in others. It is easier to be happy with others, once we learn to be happy in our selves. It’s easier to let people live their truths this way too.

Serving myself is serving others.

This week, I had a meeting with an interesting man. He asked where my expertise started and ended. He used an example of a mechanic. He said, if my car is broken down, I know where to go- to the mechanic. He asked, ‘How would you describe the service you offer?’

I told him what a brilliant inquiry that was, for what I do is a lot like mechanics. People go to a mechanic to tune up their car, and people come to me to tune up their life – be it spiritually, financially, mentally, in regards to relationships, business, or personal health and growth – I help people find whatever is blocking their path to success and discover ways to conquer what they may foresee as “obstacles.” I help people find and maintain their happiness.

We grow in phases as a species, and I’m here to help find the areas that need and manage positive transitions; to help alleviate growing pains. What that looks like changes from case to case, but I felt very much that I could help him.

We ended the meeting focused on how he could grow his brand, as that was the area of his life that presently needed most fortifying.

The path to progress is never complete, though it can sometimes find detours. We can skip the detours by strengthening our focus.

So again, I ask you, who or what are you serving? How is your life reflecting that? What should you change to create a better “picture?”

I hope this thought helps you this week. I can’t wait to post my chapter for tomorrow, and THURSDAY will be the new day for weekly updates. I love you guys so much! Be kind to yourselves and others.