FEB 9, 2018

Streaming Schedule Update

My lovely little foxies:

This week has been CRAZY – I know that. To the point where, apparently, I’ve made you feel like you have to stalk me in order to know what’s going on!

I try not to post too many pages on this website (because I don’t want my subscribers feeling spammed), but I AM using @thehazelverse to communicate “to the minute” updates. So if you feel like you haven’t found the information you’re looking for HERE, you can most likely find it there. If you’re still confused,  you can always email us at contact@hazelverse.com with your questions.

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SO, we’ve come to the purpose of this email.

The interim streaming schedule:









I’ll be finishing off this week with this new schedule. THANK YOU for your patience! I know I JUST released a different schedule yesterday, but I really feel like this will be a good fit for us.

Can’t wait to see all your cute little faces this afternoon. Til then, stay kind to yourselves and others!

❤ H