Jan 28, 2018

This morning, I woke up to dozens of emails, tweets, and texts asking me what happened to my Periscope account. Due to some confusions and probably an innocent young techie who knows not what he does, my account has been temporarily blocked from public view.

I haven’t heard back from the people at Periscope, so I’m not positive when this issue will be resolved. I’m not taking any chances on missing a day away from my little foxies, so as of tomorrow, I’ll be streaming from YOUTUBE.


Please subscribe as soon as possible, so that I can create a unique youtube url (100 subscriptions are required before you are eligible for a unique link). That will help other little foxies find me quicker.

I appreciate all the concern you lovely little foxies have shown me. This bump in the road will only make us stronger. I thank the universe for this opportunity to grow and fortify our vision. This is great practice for the future. There is nothing we can’t face, as long as we stick together.

Thank you for loving me, and being my little fox mafia. You guys are truly the best.

See you SOMEWHERE tomorrow, and as always, be KIND to yourselves and others. Even when people have wronged you, it’s always in your best interest to be kind.