Article Two | Things That Move Me – Part One


I work from home. That means that I probably have some form of tv or music on in the background at all times that I’m tuning out while I do my day to day. I have a lot of responsibilities, and I take myself WAY too seriously- so, to be honest, I don’t really know how to veg out. My mind is always going two thousand miles a minute- it’s something that drives Babyface mad.


            I know I drive Babyface crazy. I give him all the time he needs to talk about his stuff from work- I listen diligently, ask questions, and genuinely care about what’s going on. Not to brag, but I don’t do too bad in the girlfriend department.

           ANYWAY… The point is, after he’s done with his rundown, I dive in deep with all the different ideas, improvements, and updates I’ve made that day with The HazelVerse. Needless to say, it can get overwhelming for a guy. Like I said, my brain is at 2k MAM – my tongue probably clocks in at about 1k MAM (judging by your peri comments).

                  Contrary to popular belief, I do A LOT in a day. I wake up most mornings around 5:30 am and start reading (in order): emails, texts, snaps, news, scholarly journals, articles on the snap discover page, texts, Instagram comments, and whatever else I have on my research list. After I’m done reading, I go through all of my song requests for my morning show . Then, I compile a list of songs and organize a playlist. After that, I look at my task manager, which is where I keep my day’s todo list. I start on my tasks for that day, and get as many as I can done before my 10:30 am PST scope.

                   If I do ALL of that before 10:30 AM, can you imagine all the things I’m able to accomplish any given day? I’m a very focused individual. I’m almost jealous of all of you. You get to experience all the things I have planned for you with fresh eyes. I say almost, because I DEFINITELY have the greater joy. Being able to plan and execute my vision is the greatest honor there is in this life. Thank you for giving me that treasure.

               LIKE I SAID, my POINT is – CAN you IMAGINE????? the earful I give Babyface on a daily basis? It never stops (just like my brain LAWL). We could be in a movie theater watching THE Last Jedi, and I’ll have like 573042897 ideas for The HazelVerse popping into my head. It would be annoying if all my ideas weren’t so awesome.

WOW- That was a long side note.

TODAY – I took a rare moment for myself and decided to enjoy a little Netflix. YOU SEE… We just surpassed 100 THOUSAND followers on PERISCOPE!!!! So, I opened up a bottle of Chard that my (basically) in-laws gifted us for the holidays. I’m not usually a Chardonnay drinker, but I had some ice cubes and cheese ready. WE ARE CELEBRATING!

LIKE I said, I was watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix (hilarious!). As I was, I saw this scene transpire:


This scene moved me. I came from a place where this transaction would be the norm. I am too familiar with this situation. It pains me. I feel as though, maybe, if I share it with you- my lovely little foxies – and we are able to empathize with each other, this very instance will just be another fact of history, instead of current reality.

This tableau of intolerance is the very opposite of what The HazelVerse stands for. I love you little foxies more than you could ever know. I hope you never have to face this kind of malice… but if you do, know that I am here for you. I LOVE YOU for the best of what you are. As long as you are doing the best you can possibly do in this world, with positivity and love for one another- you will always have a place in my heart. Don’t allow the negativity of this world to dull your spectacular nature.

❤ H