Hello my little lovelies.

I hope you have had as productive a month as I have so far!

This week, we’ve been focusing on recognizing our strengths and acknowledging the phases of life.

It’s important to keep your perspective when measuring progress. When you remember that you didn’t always know how to crawl, had to learn how to walk, spent years learning to speak, read, and write, it’s easier to come to terms with the arduous nature of growth.

Wise people have been saying for centuries that success often requires many attempts. It does us no good to give ourselves grief over failure. Seek out the lesson to be learned, and leave the rest behind. Self doubt does nothing for victory.

-On the flip side-

Often our pursuit of happiness limits our ability to find it. Our vision is shrouded with vanity and pride, obfuscating reality and interfering with our evolution.

In this modern age, we distract ourselves from introspection; substituting it with instant gratification. Why invest an evening in a book, when you can binge a whole seasons of television in the same amount of time? Most modern kids will tell you there isn’t a reason.

Who has time to wonder what the purpose of life is, when there are so many HBO shows to watch (looking at you, Game of Throne fans)?

We are all guilty of this. I used to fall asleep to the humor section of Pinterest. So many cute puppy memes, so little time. I’m sure Tolstoy rolled in his grave.

YOU GUYS – this might seem harmless, but it’s not.

When you try to satisfy yourself with “surface stuff,” it robs you of the truly valuable experiences that you could be having. No, not every moment of your life needs to be spent appreciating Tchaikovsky, but a healthy appreciation for deeper things helps quell the apathy.

Which is the other side of the you-could-be-doing-better coin.

Lesson: Don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t going to be perfect at everything the first time you try it… but, you need to at least TRY. 

growing with you,


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