like cold water

YOU GUYS – I started this post days ago. I was supposed to be on time… however, I wanted to post about what happened last night….

Before we get into my life, lets take a dive into my thoughts:

It’s that time of week again! Reflection… I’ve spent the last week or two recuperating. Whatever virus Babyface infected me with is supernatural. I feel as though it will never truly be gone!! I saw the the effects of it in the last couple weeks. Motivation was there, stamina was not. WE are gunna change that, though, aren’t we fammmmm?


That is a word that’s been beat in to me a bajillion times. I’m focused on focusing this week. Seriously… gotta get my shit back in gear. We’ve had our rest, now it’s time for our best.

That’s probably why I felt so lousy to begin with. You know when your sick, how you make little excuses for yourself? “Well, I’ll do it when I feel better…” Well… in order to feel better, I’ve just gotta DO IT. Synergy is a bitch.

SO, I’m putting together a schedule I want to STICK TO. Just some minor adjustments from the original… but I feel like the universe has spoke to me, and I must acquiesce.

The FOCUS for each day will be as follows:

MONDAYS – Personal/Goals day

TUESDAY – Mindfulness & Updates

Wednesday – Wellness & Creativity

Thursday – Community

Friday – Reflection

Saturday – Bonding & Activity

Sunday – Facing my Fears

I’m going to be kind to the limitations I find within and without myself. This is not a strict schedule, but a guide.

So how did last week fair with my flowchart of success? Not too bad, actually.

Last Tuesday (the 11th) we had a chill meditation. I didn’t realize how completely terrible the reception was (or that I was totally off center), as I was clearly in the meditation zone. The sunset that we got to witness right after was unreal. I’m so glad I got to share that sunset with you all. ( WATCH The Sunset )

Wednesday was a writing day… and the FIRST day for my chapters. Another one WILL go up tonight… I’ve been obsessing over this story ALL week. It is my new addiction… and it is going to be spectacular. (READ Chapter One ) Wednesday was also the day we started watching the Star Wars movies in the order that they were released. (I’m a serious nerd now, guys.)

Thursday was so fun! We got to go see Lisa Stanley (Mary Lynn from THIS Periscope) play at a fabulous little wine bar. The tastings were phenom and the chard was delish. We danced the night away… Tom K. even showed up. He was headed to watch Sabrina’s BF’s band play at another bar. We almost went with, but I decided what I really wanted more than anything was some food, a J, and to finish watching Star Wars.

Babyface had Friday off. We spent the morning full on adulting. We took our stuff to the recycling shack, I found a really cool chair (that I purchased off some random person for 5 dollars), and BF and I went to Home Depot and Michael’s for craft supplies (so excited for future periscopes!!!). While at the craft store, I found the CUTEST little charms to share with Blondie. She and I bonded over llamacorns… and they were close enough. I need to mail that over to her pronto.

Saturday was one of the chillest of days- it was filled with the hot tub, VONS monopoly, the Star Wars marathon, and getting rid of our futon. We put the futon out and it was literally gone within the hour… glad someone that needed it got some use out of it. I was SO conflicted about throwing it out. I even made Babyface take a few parting photos of me on it before we left it.

I invented the worlds greatest snack that day too. Cranberries, chili mangos, pepitas, dark chocolate, and tajin. SO good. Try it. This was the day we decided we could really home our apartment up. We had been reluctant because we were intent on NOT settling in… but this apartment has grown on us, and there’s literally no where else we want to live in the area… as we have to stay relatively close to Babyface’s office. We put up a shelf and grilled some steak to celebrate.  We skipped Star Wars this night and got all caught up on Pretty Little Liars. (Season 8- the finale season- had it’s first episode come out last night.)

Sunday we woke up early and headed off to Disneyland. While it was definitely a blast, this morning was sent from hell. Babyface and I got in to an argument that had me eating my breakfast out by our locked car in the parking deck- waiting for him to follow me out. I was in a shitty mood and I was mad about it because I had been looking forward to doing this with Babyface all week. I eventually got over it, but on our last ride, Christine from Indiana Jones had to power trip all over us. I won’t go into the details but Christine should be working haunted mansion or something…. less personal.

On the tram back to the lot, this kid (2-3 years old) was screaming his head off. They were sitting in the seats facing the rest of the passengers, and for the duration of the drive the child found no rest. At one point, it seemed like he wanted to fling himself out of the tram. He was head butting, and just generally being a monster (literally the greatest birth control of all time). The kid was foaming at the mouth, and right before the tram came to a complete stop, he vomited exorcist style. Babyface and I were in the last seat of the tram. I put my head in his lap and the second the tram stopped moving, saying to no one in particular, I just said, “GET out.” The people beside us were already on my wavelength. Before anyone could tell us no, we leapt out. I apologized for sounding like a dick, but they were super cool and got that I wasn’t focusing my ire on them.

MONDAY was the glorious day that DUMBO officially entered my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH C!!!!!!! I can’t wait to find the perfect frame. Monday was also the day I rearranged (pretty much) the whole apartment. I’m really proud of myself, quite honestly. Our nest is getting so cozy.


I had a magnificent meditation ( WATCH The Intention Circle). Yesterday I felt more like myself than I have in the past couple of weeks. I’ve pulled back a little bit from Periscope. I know that a lot of people aren’t happy with that (according to my follower count), but we’ve all got to do what’s best for us individually. That way we can effectively service the whole. We are all members of a body… it’s important to make sure that each part is in good functioning condition.

Last night, Babyface and I made the commute to Orange County. We met up with some of our friends at the 4th Street Market. I had some pork belly sandwiches. I’d rate 6/10 stars.

Sarah and Noah ( LUST ) graced us with their presence for a few minutes.( WATCH What Happened ) It was interesting… and by the time they were done the bar had closed. We all chatted for a while outside the market, but we still had quite the drive ahead of us so we bid our friends adeu.

NOW YOU’RE ALL CAUGHT UP. 🙂 Make sure to catch CHAPTER TWO. Never miss a post by Subscribing to below. ❤



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