Last weeks post saw us headed off to a meet up with our friends from THE LUST EXPERIENCE.

YOU GUYS – this ish is straight scandalous. If you’re paying attention to my scopes (which will become youtube videos SOON, promise!), you already know what went down.

Last Wednesday, we sojourned to The Red Door. Babyface and I arrived about an hour in to the party, which was already in full puzzle solving mode. Getting a detailed rundown of what had happened proved impossible.

While Babyface grabbed us drinks, I tried to piece together the events of that night- formulating a timeline. What I gathered was that an unidentified man had given instructions to the bar owner. He was to wait for a group to arrive, ask if they were part of “the experience,” then give them a red envelope.

The envelope contained a red page with cryptic messages, leading to clues around the bar. These clues were in code and we were tasked with finding a way to translate them.

Participants eagerly posted their findings on the forum. It was only when The Game Masters perceived a security breech that they decided to intervene. They did this by deleting a relevant thread.

At the bar, some took this as confirmation that they were “on to something,” or that they were getting, “too close.”

Finally, both the-creator and thecontroller put out official statements noting that the game had essentially been hijacked. THEY, nor anyone officially with LUST, did not set the puzzle in motion. We had gotten trolled.

Either someone thought that they were more clever than The Game Masters, or they just wanted to fuck with us. Either way, it wasn’t cool and caused a HUGE concern for the community.

Up until this point, many of us were more than willing to get in to cars with strangers with little to no explanation; meet up with random blocked callers in dark allies for midnight tete a tetes; go to the worst parts of town only to have a hood thrown over our head and led to places unknown. This breech definitely put a damper on that willingness, and allowed doubt to creep in to the shadows of our minds.

The next day the forums were ablaze with indignation.

Some of us doubted that the game had truly been hijacked… until I got a call from DLB himself confirming that this was NOT part of the game and WAS a serious safety concern not to be taken lightly.


We watched ASCENSION, the mini series, based on a suggestion from a superscoper. While the story was intriguing, the finale was disappointing. There was so much potential within the narrative. I definitely think that the story could be built upon.

Friday was the day of the NIPSLIP. Something you definitely needed to be on Periscope to understand, because all relevant scopes have been deleted.  This was the day that I trolled the trollz.

Which leads us to Saturday’s trip to Camarillo. Babyface and I were on the hunt for the perfect nipslip-proof top. I literally tried on 100 bikinis… ok… maybe not literally. 

After such a successful shopping endeavor, we decided we deserved some Disney time. We didn’t make it past Downtown Disney (Sephora is a trap), but we did have the most delish bingets at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.

Sunday saw us back at Disneyland. We rode all the rides (that we wanted to) and even got a great spot for the Electrical Parade! I remember it being so much more fabulous, but that’s life. Serious question though: how was there not a Beauty and the Beast float? Missed opportunity Disney. I’m disappointed.

I’ve been spending a lot of time down by the pool/hot tub- getting all glowy for the summer. So many people talk about how jealous they are of my life. I get it. Something I don’t want anyone to miss, though, is that I’ve worked really hard to get to where I’m at. I’m not perfect, but I do my best- which is always good enough.

I truly believe that everyone can have just as amazing a life! Sometimes the first step is believing you’ve already got one.


If you are in the Los Angeles area, swing by D’Argenzio Wines. Our very own MARY LYNN (who I talked about in THIS SCOPE) is going to be enchanting our earlobes. The Facebook Event Page is HERE – check it out! (Event from 7-9:30p / 1204 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, California 91506).

I hope everyone had and is having an awesome week! Come chat with me on THURSDAYS about your progress. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.




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